Wine, Food & Vape Pairings: Blackberry

Wine, Food & Vape Pairings: Blackberry

Summer. It’s the season when we take a little extra down time to see friends and family and enjoy the best nature has to offer. Great seasonal food, a glass of wine and our premium CBD vape oil make these times even more memorable and relaxing.

One of the signatures of summer is great berries, and right now, they are in peak season across much of the US. The sweet and tart flavor of berries make them so versatile—tossed in a salad, as a sauce for your favorite grilled foods or baked into a delicious pie—and is why we chose a subtle crowd-pleasing blackberry flavor to complement our all-natural, uncut CBD vape oil.

To celebrate these flavors of summer, whether at a beachside bonfire or backyard barbecue, here are some ideas on pairing wine, food and Bloom Farms CBD’s Blackberry CBD vape oil.

Malbec and Grilled Steak
Malbec is one of the premier wines of Argentina, a country also known for its love of grilling steak and sausage over an open fire. Malbec is often a great value too.

The widely available, highly rated Alamos Malbec (priced around $10) is a great way to try the berry, dark fruit and spice flavors of malbec. Grab a bottle and your vape pen and throw your favorite steak on the grill.

Cabernet Franc and… Just About Anything
You've probably had cabernet franc but may not even know it, as it is often found in red blends like those from Bordeaux or the Napa Valley. But it can make a great wine on its own and, best of all, it pairs easily with a wide variety of foods. Try “cab franc” with grilled vegetables—especially late-summer staples like eggplant and peppers—or with your next gourmet pizza.

Santa Barbara’s Lo Fi Wines and Domaine de la Butte in France’s Loire Valley both make very good cabernet francs (priced in the $20-35 range) and share our belief that organic and bio-dynamic growing practices are the foundation of great, responsible products.

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Pinot Noir, Barbecue and Blackberry Pie
The best berries, barbecue sauces and bottles of pinot share a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Great pinots can carry you from appetizers through dessert and are usually an easy crowd pleaser. Keep it simple by grilling chicken with a store-bought berry-flavored barbecue sauce, or make one yourself, such as this one we like from Iron Chef Michael Symon: Grilled Chicken Thighs with Blackberry BBQ Sauce

We source our organically grown hemp from Oregon—and also source a lot of the pinot noir we drink from there because we like how the cool climate brings out its dark fruit flavors. Try a bottle of Penner Ash Willamette Valley Pinot Noir (about $40). And don’t forget the pie!