5 Steps to the Best Bedtime Ritual

5 Steps to the Best Bedtime Ritual

We all deserve a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, solid sleep isn’t always guaranteed, and chasing much-needed snooze time can sometimes create more stress than anticipated. 

What you do before bed can heavily affect your quality of sleep. Turning off your brain can feel impossible, but a simple and strategic bedtime routine can set you up for ultimate sleep success and send you off to dreamland as relaxed as possible. 

Try these techniques to help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Relaxation lighting for better sleep

Set the mood lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in your body’s bedtime recognition. Bright lights stimulate the senses and keep your brain buzzing. Forgo the bright bulbs and set the mood with more non-invasive illumination. Try lighting a few candles. Add subtle twinkle lights to your room or install a dimmer switch to help lower the lighting. You may start to feel sleepy even just seconds after limiting the lighting in your home. 

Relaxation music for better sleep

Play relaxing music 

Music can be another powerful tool for toning down energy and encouraging relaxation. Try playing tunes with slower beats or soothing acoustic rhythms to help you unwind. Listening to a few mild melodies at a low volume can quickly take your mind away from any overwhelming thoughts and refocus your attention on being calm and present. 

Relaxing clothing to get ready for bed

Throw on your comfy clothes 

The key to a good bedtime routine is the ability to switch from an energizing daytime disposition to nightly laid-back leisure, which sometimes can be as easy as changing your clothes. When you’re ready to unwind, slip on your cozy clothing. Any attire that is clean, soft, breathable and looser-fitting will have you loosening up and snoozing in no time.

 Relaxing bedtime beverages to help you get to sleep

Drink soothing liquids 

Never underestimate the power of a delicious bedtime beverage. Good sleep is all about being comfortable and indulging in a cup of hot cocoa or refreshing mineral water in the evening can put your mind and body at ease. If you’re sensitive to the caffeine in cocoa but prefer something warm, herbal teas made with lavender, chamomile or valerian root are excellent choices for stimulating sleepiness. 

Relaxation booster: CBN tincture

1200 mg Dream 
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Try a dash of CBN for for an added bedtime boost

If you’re looking for a little extra help sailing off to sleep, CBN (cannabinol) has your back.

CBN, which is created when the hemp plant’s most well-known cannabinoids age or are exposed to excessive environmental factors, such as air and UV light, has recently become more recognized for its sedative properties. 


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