Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body While Cooped Up at Home

Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body While Cooped Up at Home

Based in Rohnert Park, California, Community Member Erin Jasper is a certified personal trainer and health coach. She trains clients one on one both in-person and online and is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life through health and fitness. Who better to share some helpful insights about maintaining a healthy mind and body while cooped up at home? 

Her first piece of advice: Stand! Erin suggests five minutes of standing for every hour spent sitting. According to studies recently profiled by Harvard Medical School, standing may correlate with greater calorie burn and faster blood sugar regulation after eating.

Next, Erin encourages us to walk. This one seems obvious, but it is often an underrated tool in the world of health and fitness. Erin suggests using a health app to aim for 6,000-10,000 steps per day. If you’ve never used a health app, don’t let this number of steps intimidate you; a handful of ten-minute walks around the block or one or two longer walks throughout the day will do the trick. 

Touching on diet: Erin recommends keeping up with vegetable and protein intake. Occasionally indulging while cooped up is necessary, but by focusing not on the exclusion of certain foods and rather on including vegetables to get essential micronutrients and protein to stay full and keep muscles around, the goal is attainable. 

Lastly, the most fun piece of advice Erin offers: Sleep in! She explains that adequate sleep may help regulate appetite, which aids our ability to make better food choices throughout the day. She urges those who can afford to sleep in for a little bit longer than usual to do so, and not feel guilty about it. Aim for 7-9 hours. 


Sivan Peleg

Sivan was born and raised in the Bay Area and currently lives in San Francisco. With a degree in Criminology, she has a passion for criminal justice reform and trashy true crime documentaries. Other passions include health and wellness and world travel. With just over 30 passport stamps, her goal is to visit 40 countries before she turns 30.