Health coach Christian Borja transformed a formerly toxic lifestyle into a life-saving passion for wellness.

From Rocker to Fitness Guru: How Christian Borja Changed His Life Through Health & Wellness

“If getting the things you want in life was easy, everyone would be doing it… You have to fight for what you want and always focus on always giving your absolute best.” 

Health coach Christian Borja doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. With great determination and serious self-reflection, he managed to transform a formerly toxic lifestyle into a life-saving passion for wellness. 

The San Diego-born fitness mentor grew up in an active household, spending his younger days surfing, swimming and playing team sports. By age 12, Christian had earned a second-degree black belt in Martial Arts and had just started playing the guitar. As an angst-ridden teen, sports took a backseat and he passionately pursued his love for music. 

As a teenager, the only activity I stayed consistent with was surfing. I eventually got into music and playing the guitar. I was going through some tough personal times with my family so, to be honest, I rebelled,” Christian shares. 

As he dove deeper into music, playing guitar for various rock bands, Christian’s health became a serious concern. The toxic tour life bred bad habits for the young musician, from daily alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes daily to eventually developing a drug dependency, and it started to take its toll. Aftering the birth of his son at 23, the young musician’s life changed for the better.  

“I reflected on what I had been through, how I was living and the people I was surrounding myself with. I knew I needed to change. I went back to my roots and got my health under control,” Christian says. “I started doing what I enjoyed most—surfing, body surfing, swimming and anything else in the water. After a few months of adapting to a new lifestyle, I took it a step further and got back into weightlifting, running and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts.” 

Today, Christian is an accomplished health coach, Orangetheory instructor and fitness app creator who proudly helps thousands of people around the world achieve their wellness goals. 

We connected with the top-tier trainer to hear his story and learn more about his path to fitness. 

 Cristian Borja stares down the camera while performing his workout routine.

What inspired you to want to help others with their fitness goals? 

During the transitional phase of my life, I began to meet new people who were also on the fitness path and had come from a similar background. I loved the way I was feeling and knew I wanted to help others feel the same. People began to reach out, asking me questions and it made me feel really good to help them and see the results they were experiencing.  

When did you launch your Coach Christian Fit business?

I launched my Coach Christian Fit programs publicly to the world this January. However, I have been a personal fitness coach for the past five years and group fitness coach for almost three.

You also created the Coach Christian Fit app–so impressive! What makes your fitness app unique? 

Thanks! I always try to think ahead of the game. 

My goal is to help beginners to intermediate fitness levels establish the lifestyle they want, learn how to eat and move properly, gain self-confidence and begin self-growth to put them on a lifestyle of success that will last forever. I wanted a simple approach, [something] that's easy to use and creates a personal relationship and safe space for my client and me. I also bring clients together through a community page in the app, where everyone can see how hard everyone is working each day, which helps us know we're not alone in this.

What are some of your other proudest fitness accomplishments thus far?

Passing my personal training certification was tough, and I almost gave up a few times. It took me a year and a half. To finally pass it was awesome. Another big accomplishment would be some of the festivals I played at and the bands I've played with, such as SXSW and Wasteland Weekend. Being able to play shows with the Misfits, Pennywise and others was pretty much a dream coming true.

What has your path in the health and fitness realm taught you about yourself? 

It showed me my true strengths and allowed me to re-discover my discipline and commitment, as well as find my ultimate purpose in the world. 

You are also a big advocate for CBD as part of your wellness routine. What was your first experience with CBD? 

As a teen and within the music world, I became a big time consumer. A 22, I chose to be sober for about two years. I learned a lot about the difference between THC and CBD and how they affect the body. At age 25, a few years into a solid fitness journey, I started using CBD for muscle recovery as well as stress reduction. The results were incredible. I saw impressive improvements for my mind and body wellness. I’ve tried topicals, vapes and tinctures. I have the most difficult time finding good topicals that actually work. I’ve found the greatest results with tinctures—easy to use and very effective. 

 Health coaches advocate for Bloom Farms CBD tinctures.

Which Bloom Farms CBD products are your favorite? 

I started off with the 300 mg [Balance CBD Tincture] , but with my lifestyle and how hard I work my body each day, I stepped it up to the 600 mg [Relieve] and 1200 mg [Recover] . Both work great for muscle recovery, lowering stress and even a better night sleep.  

When you aren't spreading body positivity and working on fitness, what else do you enjoy? 

I love spending time with my family, playing games, cooking or going for an adventure. I also still enjoy playing guitar and singing. I also sew and craft cool jackets every once in a while.

What's on the horizon for you? Any upcoming projects or new exciting things you want to share? 

At the moment, my main focus is expanding my coaching business and helping as many people as I can. I'm also starting to write a book about my journey then, the ups, the downs and how I got to where I am today. 

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