What’s the difference between CBD and CBN?

CBN (cannabinol) is a different cannabinoid with stronger sedative properties than CBD (cannabidiol). They are two different molecules with two different origins: CBD naturally exists within the plant, while CBN is a byproduct of the breakdown of other cannabinoids. Although it occurs in a much lesser concentration than its more famous sister phytocannabinoids, CBN is considered one of the “Big Six,” the most notable of over 100 identified to date.

CBD and CBN both are known to relax and calm. However, CBN is reputed to have exceptional relaxing and sedative properties especially suited to the evening and bedtime. As more people try cannabinoids and struggle to get good sleep, CBN continues to gain traction—with users reporting falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer and waking up more refreshed.

As recently reported by Rolling Stone, “CBN... is quickly becoming 2020’s best alternative to sleeping pills.” (P.S. Thanks for the shout out!)

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How are CBD and CBN different? Two different molecules with two different origins.
CBD is found in the plant. CBN is a byproduct of THC and CBD.
CBD benefits: wellness, balance, restful sleep, relaxation, post-exercise recovery
CBD plus CBN: boosted relaxation, better sleep

Want to learn more?
Read “What does CBN have to do with sleep?”